How We're Helping

Financial Donations: BVI Relief Fund has teamed up with the respected USA & Canadian Charity ONEXONE - they do amazing work in Canada & USA and have a reliable network to act fast.

We are purchasing:

  • Medical equipment: blankets; pillows; first aid kits; bandage / gauze; painkillers; sterile wipes; santizer / gel; medical gloves.
  • Hardware: Tarps, rope, tape, Satellite phones; flashlights; batteries; candles and dry (plastic bagged) matches; precharged battery power boxes / banks; solar chargers; wind up radios; leather work gloves; tarpaulins; cleaning supplies.
  • Living essentials: soap; toothpaste; toothbrushes; deodorant; shampoo; towels/washcloths; new underwear / socks; baby wipes; diapers (adult and baby); toilet paper; sanitary napkins/tampons; sponges
  • Food: canned goods; dry goods; snacks.
  • We request that you please do not donate clothing, medicine, water or toys.

Aid / Relief Distribution in the BVI: We have already mobilized food, water and medical supplies to the BVI. As of 6PM local time on September 8, our first 3 relief / aid boats had already reached Virgin Gorda. We are coordinating in Puerto Rico with our co-workers to send at least 25 boats with aid in the next 48hrs.

To learn how you can donate, please click here