BVI Relief Fund

Providing immediate, on-the-ground aid to those in need
after the devastating hurricane.

The British Virgin Islands have been left in ruins. The entire region sustained catastrophic damage following the hurricane. Properties have been destroyed. Cars and boats have been demolished. The basic necessities such as food and water are unavailable to those in dire need.

They need help.

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We’ve established the BVI Relief Fund as an immediate response to help those who need it most.

The fund will support our mandate to deliver supplies, coordinate evacuations and bring in urgent medical aid to these vulnerable people who need it most. See how we're helping >

We need your help to
strengthen these efforts.

Any support you can provide will be used in a direct effort to meet the most imminent needs of BV Islanders in desperate need of assistance. We have established a board that will ensure all funds are properly allocated in a fully transparent, regulated and non-wasteful fashion and it is our hope that our efforts will subdue the current desolate state in the BVI until further government relief is delivered to all affected regions. Learn how you can help >

Safety Within the Territory

The next vital step is to secure the Territory so relief workers can operate efficiently, safely and effectively when this aid is delivered. We urge the UK, US and Canadian Governments and our EU partners in the strongest possible terms to deploy further police and military reinforcements to support the BVI Police Force and British Navy in the secure and orderly distribution of these much-needed supplies. This is of the utmost importance in ensuring a safe and fair distribution of aid in order of priority. Learn more here >

We also urge those in the Territory to continue to remain calm and obey all directions given by authorities. We understand safety concerns, but those will only materialise if people act in their own self-interest. Despite isolated reports of looting at one location, the overwhelming response has been one of the community pulling together, not apart. Nevertheless, to produce a streamlined result, the UK must send further military personnel to ensure this remains the case.

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